By December 7, 2016

After the intro mission, you wake up in the ship that you escaped in. You only have a pickaxe and a cat, along with the ship-based Artificial Intelligence also known as SAIL. First thing after you accept the quest from SAIL is to go the ship locker, which has an artificial blue lock, and collect all the loot which contains canned food and a flashlight. Use the teleporter to beam down to the current world below you. Hopefully, it won’t be night because in the night there will be even more mobs after you.

Do what the quest notification tells you to do in the top right-hand corner. If there any mobs that try to kill you, kill them with your sword as you were shown how to do in the intro mission. If you were following what SAIL told you to do, you have found an ancient portal. To activate the portal you need core fragments. You will find core fragments in a mine somewhere within your world. When you get there check every single crate you can find till you have ten core fragments.  Then return to the portal and activate it with the core fragments. You will be teleported to a space outpost. You will find some shops there, and an old lady who will give you a quest. This quest will lead you on an adventure to save the world.



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