2017 Highlights & Exciting Announcement from the Founder

By December 27, 2017

Dear Friends,

We have officially changed Riverside’s name from Center for Education to Center for Imaginative Learning! This name change is significant for Riverside, for it better represents who we are and what we do.

From the start of Riverside, four years ago, imagination has been at the heart of the educational vision. Why? It takes imagination to see what is “not yet”, but what could be; to see the deep and meaningful story that frames our lives; to imagine the drama of human action; and to give creative ideas life through dint of labor and love. Imaginative Learning is deep learning, when we take in and personalize the reality around us. When we see it with new eyes, and through this wonderful portal of the imagination experience a world that is much grander than we ever realized.


Imagination can transform culture.


Imaginative Learning happens when we apply the creative process to learning–when the boys and girls in our programs experience that sort of wonder which gives them new sight, inspires them, and builds a fellowship of imaginative adventurers who are joyfully alive to the world. It happens when they connect meaningful creative work to culture. It happens when they discover their gifts and affinities through an active approach to learning which engages and inspires them. And it is because of this approach to learning, rooted in prayer, and a vision of this life as an adventurous pilgrimage, that we have witnessed such strong growth at Riverside.


The full vision for what Riverside was meant to be is forming each year…
…boys are writing their own books and producing films
…building imaginative worlds and exploring the great outdoors
…boys & girls are re-enacting classic stage plays and original Riverside scripts
…playing and singing songs for hours at family gatherings & barn dances
…& becoming young journalists producing newspapers & broadcasts


We have seen the adventurous spirit of our fathers and sons at Ranger campouts; and we witness the joyful gatherings of families at our cultural events. All of this has happened because of an approach to education we call Imaginative Learning.

If you are new to Riverside, we hope to see you more in the upcoming year at one of our events or programs. For our families that are involved in Riverside already, the last four years have been a blessing to behold. I am so grateful for the adventures we have shared and the epic story yet to come!

Please visit our updated site, which contains a new vision page and a brand new picture gallery page.


It takes an adventure!




Peter Searby
Founder & Creative Director
Riverside Center for Imaginative Learning

See all of the highlights here – //conta.cc/2j7hFpn

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