Train Adventure

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A train adventure to warmer climes is certainly appealing after this winter!

Train journey adventures have always been a part of the American imagination. There is something wistful and adventurous about launching off on a train to new places. Folk songs like Wabash Cannonball, This Train, or Wreck of the Old 97 play with this romantic theme of traveling on the railway tracks.

I include this picture on the Art of Boyhood because it’s fun, and shows the great desire the young have for adventure. I will include inspiring images as an important part of this blog. A great way to inspire wonder in the imaginations of our boys is to show them beautiful art. A great lesson in storytelling is to use pictures like this to think of story lines. It’s amazing what they will create when given a fun or inspiring image.

The Riverside Tutorial is dedicated is to inspiring the young to be the next great storytellers. We have a great store of images we use to inspire them, and ways to guide them into the wonder and the logic of story lines.

I am also inspired by the image, because we are currently writing a new musical about the adventurous and mystical train adventure of three orphans. Check out Riverside Theatre for more info on how to get involved and support this new and original musical!

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