Bottlenose Dolphins by Charlie D.

By November 19, 2017

The Common Bottlenose Dolphin is the second most common dolphin in the world after the
Short Beaked Dolphin, and is considered one of the smarter animals in the animal kingdom.

Fun fact about dolphins: they have there own language! It is called North Dolphorean. Actually, it has no name.The language consists of many assorted clicking noises and whistles that the dolphin makes inside it’s head and then go out through its blowhole. Every bottlenose dolphin has it’s own special sound, just like humans all have special names that make us distinct from everybody else. It is the same for dolphins.  Also dolphins are very playful which makes them very curious, and having a language makes it more easy to learn.  That is why they are considered smart animals.

Baby Bottlenose Dolphins are able to swim from birth and will grow to be 8 to 12.5 feet and weigh up to 0.7 tons (1400 LBS) depending on gender.  Bottlenose dolphins live almost everywhere from the Atlantic to Atlantis and the Gulf of Mexico, however they do not live in Arctic oceans.  A bottlenose dolphin’s diet consists of mainly of small fish, crabs, squid, and, shrimp.

Fun fact! Dolphins use a cool technique to catch fish. Once again it has no name but this is how it works. The dolphin(s) circle around a school of fish, then, that makes a mini whirlpool that contains the fish, so the dolphins can raise them to the surface. When the fish get to the surface, the dolphins can very easily catch them because the fish have nowhere to swim.

Dolphins are amazing animals that are true creations of God.


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