Imaginative Learning

Boys need a landscape of action where they learn to
become men of courage, faith, and family.


Riverside provides adventurous and imaginative learning programs designed to inspire and guide boys. At Riverside, they will work with their hands, their minds,  and their spirits. They will develop the skills and obtain the knowledge that will ultimately define them as men of character.

Riverside is also a place where families come togetherSome of our programs are co-ed, like folk music and theater. All of our programs are designed to provide a lively venue for events, learning, and dialogue aimed at the renewal of our culture.

Our Programs

Riverside offers unique programs tailored for boys,
co-ed programs, and cultural events for the whole family.

At Riverside, boys can discover life lessons through outdoor adventure, experience the deep satisfaction of working with their hands, become effective and eloquent communicators, produce movies for our film festivals, and form their moral imaginations through the pages of great stories.

They can also join aspiring young women in learning an instrument and performing folk music, or take to the stage in classic theatrical productions.








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