Boys are full of potential that needs to be activated. They long to experience the world around them. They need a unique education that will tap into their drive and inspire them to do, to make, to solve problems, to give of themselves through the knowledge and skills they have mastered.

Boys long for a landscape of action where they learn to navigate boyhood and become young men of courage and imagination. They need to work and study alongside men who guide them—together with their parents—along the adventurous road to manhood.

They need to be guided by the compass of wisdom attained through the study of the liberal arts. Where they hear, speak, and write alongside the masters of old. Where their imaginations are enriched by characters and stories that inspire them with wonder and refine their consciences. And where they learn the art of liberty and what it means to be human.

Boys yearn for adventures in the outdoors, where their limits are tested and their hearts and minds grow strong; where competitions and games are part of learning; where they reconnect with nature and experience the joy of working with their hands. And they need a place where they can actively live their faith. Our vision is to make Riverside that place. We invite you to join us!