Why are some programs only for boys?

Modern education is failing boys. They’re trapped in passive school environments that do not inspire them. These environments do not provide boys with the responsibilities and adventures they yearn for. They don’t allow boys to apply their natural energy to develop the skills that will transform them into successful men. Boys need a landscape of action where they learn to navigate boyhood and become young men of courage and imagination. Some of our programs are crafted for boys in order to remedy these problems.

Is Riverside a center primarily for home school families?

Riverside offers certain programs during the day for homeschool families, like the Tutorial. Some of the programs outside of the Tutorial are open to both homeschool students and conventional school students.

Will there be transportation available to and from Riverside?

At this point we are unable to offer transportation.

Can parents pay for a single day activities and not pay the yearly fee?

There is a yearly fee for the Tutorial. Folk lessons are a series of 10 week programs. For theatre parents pay per play. The Film and Maker programs consist of a variety of workshops that vary in length and cost. Ranger is the only program that is a la carte. Ranger also has a $25 registration fee.

Will the Riverside Center become the Riverside School?

The long-term vision is to develop the Center as a supplemental education program and begin the School as a separate though affiliated institution.

Will boys who are not between 8-11 years old be admitted to the Tutorial in the first year?

We are beginning with these ages because research and experience show that this is the time when boys begin to fall behind especially in oral & written communication, and reading. We will assess those who sign up to see if the course suits their abilities.