The imagination is the capacity humans have to see what is not, but what could be—to re-imagine reality in order to see it anew with deeper insight. Awakening a sense of wonder in the young is one of the great gifts creative educators, or Animateurs, bestow on their apprentices. Riverside Imagination workshops help boys tap into their creativity through artistic projects that are rooted in story, poetry, and the fine arts.

Great leaders, thinkers, entrepreneurs, and artists have discovered the power of the imagination, and so transformed cultures throughout history. Through our workshops, boys will learn how to use their creativity, and discover their “gift.”

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World Builder Winter Session

In the World Builder Project, the apprentices create a first person journal of a character who encounters the people, customs, language, artifacts, creatures, and geography of a fantasy culture. Hand-drawn pictures, as well as diary entries, present a vision of this world, glimpsed through snapshots. These entries are rewritten and illustrated on specially prepared paper, and bound using string, cardboard and leather to make an attractive tome.
Thursdays for 7 weeks
January 4 – February 15
4:00pm – 6:00pm
Boys ages 10-14
The Commons, Westmont

Naturalist Storytellers

Boys reconnect with nature and find their creative voice through a storytelling experience inspired by the natural world.

Naturalist Poets

Boys reconnect with nature and  find their creative voice through a poetic experience inspired by the natural world.

*These one week adventures are part of our Summer Programming – stay tuned for more information coming in the Summer of 2018!*

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