Riverside is about a big idea: transforming education for boys. Boys want challenges and adventure. Yet, so many boys today are deprived of the transformative experiences and practical training that used to define their maturity and that prepared them to be successful men of character. These lessons are rarely taught in schools and are quickly disappearing from our culture.

In 2013 Riverside began with program in outdoor education, craftsmanship and technology, and folk music lessons. Starting in September 2014, we will start the Riverside Center for Education.

for Education

The Center is a unique learning environment where a staff of professional educators and volunteers provide adventurous and imaginative learning programs for boys, cultural events for the whole family, and co-ed activities. Boys are most in need of a new model of education that engages them, helps them come of age, and balances home life with the adventure of “going out into the world.”

The overarching plan is to develop the Center as a supplemental education organization, which serves the needs of homeschool and conventional school families. The Center will also be a venue for families, where cultural events bring young and old together through festivals, coffeehouse performances, roundtable discussions for parents on education and culture, and various other community activities.