Black Mamba

By December 4, 2016



Have you ever seen a Dendroaspis polylepis? you probably wouldn’t want to! The “Dendroaspis polylepis” or more commonly known as the black mamba is a long venomous snake native to parts of southern and western Africa. Most mature black can grow up to 6 feet, but larger ones as long as 15 feet have been found. Black mambas are a grayish brownish color. The “black”, in “black mamba”, refers to the blue-black hue of its mouth instead of its scale color.  

The black mamba mostly dwells in the forests, savannas, and the outskirts of the Kalahari desert. To catch prey black mambas use there speed and agility most black mambas can reach speeds of 13 mph! If threatened most black mambas will use their speed to flea, but if cornered they will strike repeatedly.



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