Dominic Of Savio

By December 6, 2016

Saint Dominic Of Savio is one of my favorite saints because he was a wonderful miracle worker.

When he was just four years old he knew all prayers by heart, and by 5 he became an altar boy.

At the age of 7 he had his first communion. He entered a school led by Don Bosco. Don Bosco said on occasions he would be found in the chapel. One time, he was missing for breakfast and a Priest found him gazing at the tabernacle. He didn’t realize morning mass ended. On another occasion Don Bosco saw him in the chapel alone asking God a question and waiting as if he was going to answer out loud.

He would have encounters with the devil. The devil one time threw him down a flight of stairs. He would sometimes come to breakfast with a cut lip or a bruised arm. He would get thrown out of town for preaching or chased. He went into a bar one night and the bartender wasn’t very happy. But by the end of the night he had him on his knees confessing his sins. In this town he also formed a group of women in an old abandoned church. One of the women spotted a tail in the pews. A large black tail. The other women saw the creature and Dominic broke into prayer and the thing vanished. Dominic calmed down the women and explained that was the devil.

A father came to Dominic one day and explained about his mean, rude disobeying son. He found the son in an apple orchard picking apples with other boys. His group fled, but he didn’t have a chance to flee. Dominic introduced him to the Catholic faith and after a while he came around. Later the boy loved the faith and would fast and only have bread and lettuce and his room only being a mattress and a shrine for Mary. His parents would try to sneak in turkey or chicken but he and Dominic refused.

When Dominic was ill people lined up out of the church to see him. After his death a letter for the now young man was delivered. The letter had many bank notes and it was signed by Dominic. He died on March 9, 1857

If you follow this saint’s footsteps good things will come to you.

Louise Pumpernickel

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