Fortresses of Middle Earth: Erebor

By December 4, 2016

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Middle-Earth was created all from brilliant the mind of John Ronald Reuel Tolkien(or JRR Tolkien for short). This astounding writer created lands, seas, languages, and fortresess.


I will teach you all I know about the fortresess of Middle-Earth. Let’s start out with a fortress hopefully everyone knows about. That’s right, Erebor. This fortress became the home of the House of Durin, a clan of dwarves known as the Longbeards. Erebor is about ten miles long. It was founded by Thrain the First, who discovered a peculiar object in the heart of the mountain, The ArkenStone.


The treasures in the mountain were unimaginable. Led now by Thrain’s son, Thror, Erebor became a great stronghold where the dwarves increased to a numerus and prosperous people. In the beginning of the Third Age, a dragon named Smaug invaded the mountain, killed many dwarves, and dominated it for nearly 200 years. King Thror, his son Thrain II, and other dwarves of the mountain escaped the dragon fire. Although Thror and Thrain later perished, Thorin, Thrain’s son, acompanied by a Hobbit named Bilbo, a wizard named Gandalf, and 12 other dwarves travelled to the mountain to regain their lost treasure. Thorin perished from his wounds in the Battle of the Five Armies which was fought by elves, dwarves, and men against orcs and wargs. The title of King Under the Mountain was passed to Dain II Ironfoot, Thorin’s cousin. Two other of Thorin’s companions died defending the mountain, Fili and Kili, his nephews. Thorin was buried with the ArkenStone because the main reason he left the mountain had been to reclaim this valuable stone.


A group of dwarves led by Balin left Erebor to reclaim the kingdom of Kahzad-dum (also known as Moria). They established a colony there, but 5 years later Balin was slain by an orc. Soon after Moria was overrun by orcs, and the rest of the dwarves were slain.
During the War of the Ring a messenger twice came from Mordor, the place where the ring was created, to ask the dwarves of Erebor to help in the search for the ring. Dain, however , refused. Sauron’s army then overran Dale, the city next to the mountain. Dwarves and men sought refuge in Erebor, which was promptly surrounded. Dain was slain defending the body of his fallen ally, King Brand of Dale. He was succeeded by his son, Thorin III Stonehelm,
who along with King Bard II of Dale withstood the seige and later routed Sauron’s force.


Now you know all I can tell you about Erebor, but don’t worry, there are more fortresess all made by the genius JRR Tolkien.



















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