Fortresses of Middle Earth: Orthanc

By December 4, 2016

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Orthanc also known as Mount Fang was said to have been built at the end of the second age by men of Gondor. It was created by four many sided columns of rock joined together the process of how they did this is unknown. no weapon of any power could harm it, not even the Ents who made an assault on it in the Two Towers could harm it.


This towers size was a tremendous hight 500 feet high. This tower house one of the palantiri which were stones that could see anything from any other part of the world. In the early days the tower was locked and its keys were taken to Minas Tirith. Later when steward of Gondor called Beren gave the keys to the wizard Saruman, He then made it his base during the war of the ring.


When Saruman was captured he was locked inside Orthanc after confronting Theoden King of Rohan Gandalf the white and Aragorn at which time that Grima Wormtongue,Saruman’s servant threw the palantiri  at the group in attempt to kill them. Saruman was set free by treebeard because the Ent could not bear seeing a living creature caged Saruman left and took Grima with him.


In the fourth age Orthanc was searched by King Elessar, and he found there many heirlooms of Isildur, and among them the original  Elendilmir, the star of Arnor. This was evidence that Saruman had found (and probably  destroyed) Isildur’s remains. Elessar also found there a casket designed to hold the One Ring.


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