There are 128 species of Maple trees, and most of them are in Asia, also in Europe, North Africa, and North America. Some species of maple are planted by homeowners, cities, and companies for their color, quick growth, and because they have no hard seeds that could get in the way of mowing, or fall on somebody.  Here are some of the most popular types of Maple:
⦁ Norway Maple
⦁ Silver Maple
⦁ Japanese Maple
⦁ Red Maple.
Maples are great for getting maple syrup and perfect for climbing.  In fact, we have one in our backyard that we climb a lot, except for when it snows. I remember the last time I tried to mow my yard it was bumpy because of the roots. But back to the Maples…
You should go out and look at them in the fall because they have really pretty leaves in colors such as:
⦁ Yellow
⦁ Orange
⦁ Red
Most maples grow to 33–148 feet tall. They are good for squirrel and bird nests too.  The seeds spin as they fall and ride on the wind. People usually call them “helicopters” because they spin like helicopter blades. Overall I think Maples are pretty impressive.

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