By January 16, 2017


Today we are talking about spiders. Spiders are soft and as lovable as any creature you would wish to meet. My picture really captures its beautiful eyes…. Well you are never going to find a story like this on a spider. They have a bad reputation from their looks and hunting styles. You are probably not too fond of spiders yourself.

“Spider!” It’s just one of those words that make you cringe. A question I am often asked about spider is: Do they attack humans? They will if you get too close.  Another question is: Do all spiders have poison? No, 12/43,000 species of spiders have poison. Another question is: Which spiders have poison that can kill you? The Brown Recluse and the Black Widow’s poison can disorder organs and if left untreated can kill you. The Tarantula’s poison is only as bad as bee sting.

My last question of the day is: Are spiders insects? No, they are arachnids. An arachnid is a spider or a scorpion.

A spider life cycle is actually really simple. It starts with the egg; the female lays on average one thousand eggs then she wraps it up in some web. She will either make a nest of web or she will carry them around on her back, then they hatch and there are one thousand little spiderlings all over the place. Then they grow and grow until they reach adult stage when they can leave their mother to start the process all over again.


Spiders by C. E. Dorn

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