Sea Creatures with Cool Features: The Wolffish

By December 4, 2016

The wolffish is one of the scariest creatures in the ocean. Its jaws can bite straight through a human’s arm. It is bluish gray and has extremely sharp teeth. It can grow to be about three feet long.

The wolffish eats sea clams, cockles, whelks, sea urchins and green crabs. They do not eat other fish. They are edible and taste very good. They are also delicacy in Iceland.

The wolffish is not just caught for food but its skin is used to make fish leather. Fish leather is used to make belts and slippers. Another purpose for the wolffish is keeping the ocean from being overgrown by sea urchins. This happens by the wolffish eating the sea urchins so they do not over grow all over the ocean.

The main predators of the wolffish are humans. They are becoming endangered from over fishing and when they get caught in the fishing nets.    

Some of the mysterious aspects of the wolffish is that their teeth are scattered in their throat to completely chew there food. The wolffish also has a natural antifreeze because it lives in the Atlantic Ocean and the waters can get down to 5 degrees. Another interesting fact is the wolffish internally fertilizes its eggs so they come out bigger. They are actually some of the biggest fish eggs in the ocean.

The wolffish lives in the North Atlantic. It lives on the bottom of the ocean floor in rocky reefs. It is a stationary fish and it does not go very far unless it is going to breed.


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