Trip through the Solar System-Mercury

By December 14, 2016

November 18th 3047

Our rocket, the Puslo Terrga, emerged from the wormhole spinning a blaze of light upon the unknown galaxy of Milk.  There, a great many millions of miles away was a star, brighter than the many we’d seen and as Kiabronn described it, younger.  Lit by the corona of the great star was a small planet.  If it hadn’t had so much grey in it’s blueish complexion, it would have looked like a gigantic aquarium held together by gravity. We glided into it’s atmosphere of helium and hydrogen.

November 19th 3047

Finding that it was solid, we landed.  As the stairway extended, Raum and Kiabronn stepped out onto the rocky plain of emptiness.  Terpiss and I didn’t have to wait as long as we thought we would. Kiabronn and Raum were back in a hurry finding the planet so small, the gravity so thin and the weather so surprisingly cold.  Raum decided to orbit the planet for a while expecting it to be warmer on the side near the heated light.  His estimation seemed to be right.  In a short amount of time, we could see again the blazing star.  It’s imperious roar shook the galaxy.  The weather instantly changed into a burning scorch.  Thundering flames shot out a ray of translucent brightness.  The blinding light seemed to melt away all visible objects, but a small rectangular shadow was spotted on the planet by Terpiss.  We then assumed that it could have been built by living activity, but if so, it would have been completed a long time ago.


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