By January 18, 2017

January 9th 3048

It wasn’t long before we saw another planet.  It was a grim, uninviting, orangish color and was rising into view at a quick pace.  From farther away, Kiebronn thought it was a star, but later realized it was solid.  As the poison acid in the atmosphere prevented us from exploring, we decided to satisfy our minds by studying the length and width of the planet, if possible. Raum realized that he had left his thermometer on our first planet, but we couldn’t waste our food and water by spending the one-hundred and four days it would take to go there and back, plus the additional time we would spend looking for it.

January 10th 3048

We were surprised that the distance was twenty-three thousand, six-hundred thirty-eight miles around, and that it had no moons or rings as I had thought it would. It was also emitting a bright, blinding light like a star throughout the whole orbit which made it harder to see.  Heat rose from the planet preventing us from going too close to it.  Suddenly, a ray of fire blazed out catching our ship alight and scorching, but not severely damaging a portion of the Puslu. We hurried away towards our next adventure.


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