“If all his lessons were as joyful as learning to know the birds in the fields and woods, there would be no…

whining School-boy with his satchell And shining morning face creeping like Snaile Unwillingly to schoole.” 

From “Birds Every Child Should Know” by Neltje Blanchan

Neltje takes that last phrase in italics from As you like it. What a wonderful way to describe the importance of engaging, active, adventurous, and imaginative learning for boys. This is really the Riverside Way said best by one of the most well respected naturalist writers. What are those lessons which truly engage them, which help them wake up to the wonder of this world?

Birding is a wonderful activity to awaken their senses to the beauty of creation. At Riverside, our apprentices enjoy naturalist hikes, writing adventure journals, and sketching the natural world around them. Do you want to help your son break out of the basements of passivity, where digital addictions inure them to lives of apathy? One way is to take time to reconnect him to nature through naturalist hikes.

At the Riverside Tutorial, our lads form a band of brothers, who weekly march into the woods to discover a world more interesting and fantastic than the dull screens which are the plague to real boyhood.

Bravo Neltje! Well said!

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