Imagination has the power to transform culture.

Imagination has the power to inspire the young–awakening in them a greater vision of life and guiding them on a journey to discover their gifts, and pursue their dreams.

Riverside is guiding a new generation of imaginative and adventurous culture builders who are rooted in the humanities and faith. Our civilization is at a crossroads, and it is vital that we pass on the cultural memory anchored by the permanent things of life which guide us all on the adventurous pilgrimage to our heavenly home.

Riverside is a Club for Adventure and Imagination. Since our inception, we have provided programs that inspire the imaginations of the young and cultural events that foster a creative community of families, educators, artists, storytellers, craftsmen, and adventurers. Riverside is a prayerful community in which there are many denominations of the Christian faith represented, as well as fellow pilgrims who seek an educational community rooted in beauty, goodness, and truth. Though we profess a Catholic view of the human person and purpose of education, we are dedicated to finding common ground with the various wings of Christendom through an understanding of the sacramental imagination expressed particularly well by J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis.


The plan for Riverside is to continue growing as a supplemental education center dedicated to Imaginative Learning. As our programs and community grow, we hope to provide this particular kind of learning, much needed at this time in our country’s history.

Riverside has become a center for creative work and culture. The Imagination League, a fellowship of creatives, has grown out of the friendships and culture that Riverside has developed due to the grace of God and good will of our families. During the coming years we pray and hope that this League will develop into something that will inspire new generations of creative teachers, parents, and leaders who will renew culture with a vision of the true, good, and beautiful, and life as an adventurous pilgrimage to heaven.

Riverside is not only a center for educational programs, but also a center for cultural renewal. Through cultural events, workshops, lectures, discussion groups, and artist forums, we plan to become an inspiring place of imaginative work where creative ideas are born; where common bonds of friendship find life through meaningful discussions and projects; and where a life of prayer and contemplation awaken a new generation of joyful men and women who are alive to the world; and who know that God owns the world, but rents it out to the brave!