Throughout the year the Rangers take part in adventurous projects which lead them out of the indoors into their natural surroundings. We see it as part of our mission to get boys outdoors and learning through observation and experience. The Ranger Program offers various opportunities for boys to develop their knowledge of the natural world and learn outdoor skills so that they develop a spirit of self-reliance and become young men of character.

Through the program a Ranger develops a sense of reverence and respect for the natural world. He knows how to read the wonder book of nature and helps others do the same.

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Ranger Camps

The Riverside Ranger Camp is an outdoor adventure experience that will guide your son along the adventurous pilgrimage to heaven. He will experience brotherhood through outdoor adventures, imaginative storytelling, and prayer.

Riverside Obstacle Course
Fishing, Archery, Shooting
Canoeing & Kayaking
Epic Games
Creative Work Project
Imaginative Learning Workshop: The Rangers of Middle-Earth
Storytelling, Ballads
Imaginative Prayer: Entering into the Gospel scenes with imagination
Adult & College Counselors

Ranger Camps are only offered during the summer months.  Year-round Ranger activities are a part of our Tutorial program for boys.