Imagination has the power to see the greater story at work in the ordinary world around us. Through the creative arts we can better perceive this story, and thus grow in our ability to see beyond. This summer, Riverside will inspire boys and girls to see the story through the arts by offering a variety of unique arts workshops. Our creative arts camp is a fellowship of artists dedicated to guiding the young and inspiring their imaginations along this pilgrim journey to heaven.

Jug Band & Sea Shanties
Jam to the songs of the sea as you put together your very own jug band.

Puppeteering Adventure
Make your own puppet and give it a clever voice through scene work and storytelling.

Comic Strip Creation
Create a new comic character in the style of Calvin & Hobbes and start their adventure.

Broadway Melodies
Sing famous songs from the theatrical repertoire of popular musicals in a lively choral setting.

Dance That Painting
Refine your movement, style, and expression as you dance to pieces inspired by famous works of art.

Rock Band
Play early rock ‘n roll hits in an advanced band setting alongside fellow music enthusiasts. Instruments: guitar, bass, keys, drums, uke (other instruments welcome with approval by instructor)

Make ‘Em Laugh
Take your comedic timing, witty banter, and character development to the next level through a series of challenging improv warm-ups and scene games.

Voice That Scene
Bring YOUR voice acting to the famous movie scenes you know and love.

Stop Motion Film
Bring toys and miniatures to life using this intricate and beloved film-making technique.

Acapella Vibes
Sing famous acapella songs as you blend harmonies and a variety of parts.

Contra Dance
Learn a variety of folk dances done in lines so you can dance the night away.

Swing Kids
Discover the moves and tricks that make swing dance all the rage.

I Know, Write?
Write and illustrate a great short story with an imaginative storytelling game that teaches creative technique and structure.

Ay Caramba!
Step into the rhythm and style of Latin music, learning the fundamentals that will get you snapping your
fingers and tapping your toes.

Theatrical Hair & Makeup
Discover the art of creating a character through the visual effects of make-up and hair.

Animal Heroes
Bring animals to life using the techniques of sketching and the quirks that make us truly human.

Drum Circle
Find the rhythm and style of a beat in a collaborative fellowship of drummers.

Magical Landscapes
Head outside to find something in nature that inspires you to sketch.

Kazoo & You
It’s just you and your kazoo playing famous songs on this quirky instrument.

Stage Combat
Ever wanted to sword fight on the big stage? Come try your hand at stage combat choreography.

Broadway Duets
Learn how to belt out a heartfelt tune with believable emotion and powerful connection.