Riverside Film Contest is an independent Program. You are challenged to get a crew together to make a short film or animation by the end of Febuary. All you need is a camera and a computer, or just a iphone. Sign-Up and Get filming!

As you hold a video camera, your mind starts to buzz with possibilities. Many directors got their start messing about with cameras in their backyards. It is a fun time with your friends making stories you can share. Getting a reaction from the audience “How did you do that?”, ” Is that you?” This film contest is an excuse to make that short film, that idea that has been simmering. It gives a reason, a how, a goal. Riverside will take the place of the studio. The ones who keep you on task and helps get you out of snags and get your film done. There will be a winner of the $500 and in the end, you’ll all have made something that goes in front of a broader audience. You will learn problem-solving, creative writing, and working as a group. Sign-up for the Riverside Film Contest and make that movie!


3-6 minutes long short film or 1-3 minute Stop Motion animation made for the Riverside community audience. 

Films will be judged by a group of media professionals. They will be looking at Engagement, Script and Dialogue, Cinematography, and Editing. 

a cut must be sent 2 weeks before the festival for feedback.  

Final Cuts of the Films must be done 1 week before the film festival to allow time for them to be Judged. 

Mentorship with the production is available if you choose over email and on Thursday and Friday afternoons at Mayslake Peabody Estate. 

January 9-April 21
Sign up Deadline Febuary 1st
Film Showing April 28
Prize $200
Ages: 12-18
Entry Fee: $50


Mentorship is open for use to allow you to come in to receive guidance from Riverside with your script, filming, and editing. The Mentorship days are designed to be flexible with your schedule. So your group can meet when needed and discuss filming. Though helpful it is not necessary to be able make the hours of the Mentorship day to participate.  Please contact Liam Mitchell at lmitchell@rside.org for any questions.

Thursday-Friday 1 pm-4 pm* 

(*February 13th – March 1st with a two week break from Palm Sunday)

Film Contest Mentorship Will Help With:

  1. Creating filming plans (Schedule, Shot list, Storyboards) and what to do when those plans hit snags.
  2. Keeping on eye on your progess and keeping you on task to finish
  3. Gathering resources and getting people to help you make your film.
  4. How to use the camera you have to its best advantage
  5. Creating practical and digital effects
  6. Finding and using software, music, and sound effects
  7. Editing, tricks and how to fix problems