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Riverside Presents The Court Jester

A vicious and rather dull witted king, Roderick, has usurped the English throne. But the true heir to the throne, a little baby who bears the royal birth mark, the Purple Pimpernel, finds protection from the noble outlaw, the Black Fox. Deep in the woods of merry old England, the Black Fox resists the cruel Roderick. Among his merry band of outlaws is Hawkins, a jester. Though the Black Fox is feared by all, little does Roderick know the danger of this humble and hilarious jester. Through his song, dance, and slightly insane antics, the king will find his match, and the true king will find his throne.

We may be able to accept a few more actors based on past experience, or video auditions. The Spring Musical has become Riverside’s Premiere Theatre experience, and thus, previous experience, or auditions, will be part of the process.

  • The Court Jester
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