The Riverside Makers enjoyed a visit to Pumping Station 1 last November.

PS 1 is a Maker Space: a co-op workshop for craftsmen, techies, and general tinkerers. These places are the havens of a new breed of makers who enjoy anything that has to do with making. At PS 1 our makers had an introduction to basic blacksmithing! “Smith” comes from the word to smite or strike. And our fellows certainly enjoyed smiting the hot steel that day. After the Blacksmith showed them how long to keep the steel in the forge and how to hammer it, they went to town. They learned how to make a scroll–that “S” shape which is decorates many a steel gate or handrail. Just look next time and you will be surprised how prevalent the scroll is. An important part of making things is the craftsmanship the student learns and the personal connection that he makes with his projects. Meaningful work that benefits the person making the thing and the community is an important part of our program. Active learning is a major part of the Riverside mission.

“Makers are intrinsically motivated. They identify their own challenges and solve new problems. Making provides ample opportunities to deeply understand difficult concepts. Makers seek out STEM content to improve their projects, and they cross disciplines to achieve their goals, rather than staying within one specialty.”

-Make Magazine


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