Fencing Lesson: 21 lads with sabers in their hands!


Last Sunday the sound of sabers echoed through the windows of the Log Cabin at Northside Park. Twenty-one lads with sabers in their hands learned the art of fencing. The clash of swords and the thrill of battle rang out in the cabin room. Parents looked on with delight–some with fear– as their sons learned from two All-American fencers how to wield a saber.

Riverside hosted a fencing exhibit led by Eileen Hassett, 11′ Notre Dame, and Dexter Wilde, 10′ Ohio State, both national champions in fencing, and excellent teachers!

They learned how to thrust–the full attack


How to parry–the defensive positions.


How to reposte–the attack a fencer makes right after a parry

Reposte, more or less

Fencing, like Martial Arts, is about reading your opponent, keeping your balance, and perfecting defensive and offensive moves.


The lads loved every minute of it. They learned basic fencing skills and then engaged in mighty battles. Many of the dads told me that they never even saw fencing growing up, and now they think it’s a most excellent sport. It is truly a gentlemen’s sport, teaching self-discipline, respect for the opponent and composure in the midst of battle.

Afterwards, the families enjoyed beautiful weather and a soccer game in the park. It’s always a delight to introduce the young to new interests that are active, engaging, and build character. And what boy doesn’t love sword fighting! I highly recommend fencing as another great activity for boys.

Please let us know if you are interested in Riverside hosting more fencing lessons!

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