Fencing, the Gentlemen’s Sport

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Fencing is the gentlemen’s sport. It challenges the young in ways that other sports do not. Integrity is deeply embedded in the culture and history of fencing, as it was primarily an aristocratic male’s duel training. Over the ages it has transformed more into a sport, while still maintaining its unique attention to the virtues of honor and respect.

It is a game of physical chess where the fencer must master his nerves, carefully read the strengths and weaknesses of his opponent; engage in thoughtful, precise, fearless action; and of course always finish with the respectful salutes and handshakes–no matter the outcome.

Fencing helps the young develop strategic thinking skills; it helps them to be decisive in action; and it teaches them the importance of humility. These are are skills and qualities of character that will extend out to every aspect life–helping boys become men and girls become women. It is a sport for honorable warriors. 


By Eileen Hassett 

Four-Time All American Fencer

Notre Dame University

Class of 2011



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