Riverside film is a program dedicated to inspiring the next great storytellers in the realm of film making.

Through engaging projects, workshops, and contests, participants enter into the world of narrative and character development. Our young film makers will learn about scriptwriting, acting, directing, production, camerawork, movie editing, animation, and character development. Film has become the main artistic avenue of expression in our culture and therefore it is vital that the youth learn how to use this medium to express beauty, goodness, and truth.

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Riverside Film Contest: 

The Riverside Film program is launching a new initiative in 2020 to encourage the next great storytellers. This year we will host a Film Contest starting in January 2020. More details with be forthcoming.

January 9-April 17th
Film Showing April 28th 7:00 pm
Ages: 12-18
Entry Fee: $50

Film Contest Guidance Will Help With:

  • Getting the idea for your film.
  • Creating filming plans (Schedule, Shot list, Storyboards) and what to do when those plans hit snags.
  • Gathering resources and getting people to help you make a film.
  • How to write a script for your film with compelling characters and stories
  • How to use the camera you have to its best advantage
  • Framing and using lighting to tell a story
  • Prop making and set dressing
  • Creating practical and digital effects
  • Finding and using software, music, and sound effects
  • Editing, tricks and how to fix problems
  • Sound Effects and balancing them with music and dialogue
  • Color correcting and grading