Filmmaking, a wonderful activity

By April 17, 2014Education, Engaging Lessons, Film

Filmmaking is probably the most fun activity you can engage in this world.  What could be more fun than getting together with your buddies, dreaming up a new world, and then working with them to bring that world into being? It’s through filmmaking that one can imagine how much fun God had when he formed the galaxies, set them spinning and then inhabited those spiraling whirls of light and matter with fantastic creatures, watching them live out their own adventure stories.

As a kid I started making movies with my neighbors in my backyard. We imagined ourselves as war heroes, pitted against one another in battle for the protection of Earth, and we filmed it! Arguably, it was probably a lot more fun for us to create than it was for others to watch, but it was that play that provided the practice we needed to help us learn and grow in our skills. Every time we made another movie we got a little bit better. And that’s all it takes, getting out there and doing it. You may have no clue how to make a movie at all. I didn’t! Just press the record button and you’re on your way. You don’t need to be a great actor or director or writer. You aren’t! At least not yet. And that doesn’t matter, because amazing experiences are awaiting you if you just get out there and go for it. So get out there and start now! Grab a camcorder, or even an old Super 8 and make a movie with your friends. You won’t regret it. I never have.






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