Glow Stick Perimeter Alarm

Every Ranger needs to know how to defend his territory and keep the camp safe.  To protect the perimeter one can go with the traditional cans on a trip wire but what if you don’t want to make a whole lot of noise and you are keeping guard for the night?  What if you want to get a look at an animal approaching or you are in the middle of an intense game of nighttime capture the flag, paintball or ghost in the grave yard?

Here is the perfect solution:


Paint your mouse trap a dark color to keep concealed. Drill six holes as shown above.


 Use twine to secure to a tree as well as hold a standard sized glow stick in place


 Set trap with a trip wire attached to the end of release lever.  When intruder walks past your perimeter it will release the trap and impact the glow stick causing it to illuminate within seconds.  Remember to set up your traps so they are always in your line of vision from your defensive position.

Here is a video showing how it works:

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