Close call!

By December 14, 2015

Close Call!

by Christian Ruch


Miss Sally Tibbs woke up with a start.  She vaguely remembered where she was, and sat up rubbing her head.  “ What’s going on? Where did the animals go? Wait, the animals go? Yes! It’s the animals! They got away! I have to find them!” With that she leaped up and ran towards the parking lot, where her motorcycle was parked.

“We made it! Hoohoo hoohoo!” Freddy hollered. All the animals small enough had gone through the tunnel, and the big animals had gone through the opening that Taco, Chile, and Burrito had made in the back.  They had just arrived at the front of the zoo with the other animals.

“I’m gonna kill you! You’re driving me bananas!” Clumsy roared as he charged for the monkey.

“Hoohoohoohoo! You’re driving me bananas! Hohohohoo! Wait, where did my bananas go?”

“Settle down guys, lets go!” Martin said hurriedly as the whole group charged for the parking lot where there were three school buses.  “ Come on! Get in the buses, Rascal, do you think you could pick the lock?”  But before the raccoon could answer, the mouse lemur Cheepe, let out a squeak,

“Eeche leche leeche  leeche heeche!” Martin spun around. 

“Miss Sally Tibbs!?! I thought the boys took care of her!?!” Miss Sally Tibbs was nearly ten yards away, and was wearing a black skinsuit.  She had a pair of rocket shoes on, that made her hover above the ground and run twice as fast as usual.  She also had a tranquilizer gun in each hand,

“TAKE THIS YOU ROTTEN ANIMALS!!” She began to shoot her tranquilizer guns like mad.

“Watch out martin! Hup!”  Zip! Zip! Zip!  Franswa jumped forward and knocked Martin out of the way just as a dart whizzed above his head, “Although you may not know this, I am not only a detective, but a karate master as well!”

“Hoohoohoohoo! A karate mas……zip! ugh!” Just in time, Rascal yelled,

“I got the buses open!”

“All the smallest animals in the first bus, and the others in these two!”

Martin yelled as all the animals followed his command, “i’ll drive the first bus, Cornelius the second, and Richard the third!” Martin grabbed up Freddy as he leaped into the bus and jumped into the driver’s seat,

“I’ll show you!” miss Sally Tibbs yelled as she charged for a snazzy motorcycle that had the letters S.T. printed on it.

She leaped on to the motorcycle and pressed a button on it. A large rack of weapons shot out from the side.

“Haha!” she yelled, “we’ll see  how you animals feel when a grenade lands in your bus!” Martin hit the gas and they shot off.

“Do we have everybody?”

Rascal answered, “Yes! and the others are following, but so is Sally!” Sally had pulled her motorcycle out of the parking space, and was  coming after them,

“Wait a sec crew!” Taco said, “we forgot Curly!” without even thinking, Martin pulled the bus around and headed towards a furry shape at the side of the parking lot,

“Ninety nine bottles of beer on the wall!”

“He’s drunk!” one animal said,

“As always!” said another.

 “Quick, pull around the bus!” sir Rodney bellowed.

The bus pulled around and the door opened, “Got him!” it was Sir Rodney, “but we are being blocked by miss Sally Tibbs!”

“We’ll have to smash it!”

Sally’s motorcycle had pulled up in front of them and blocked their way.  Martin was frantically searching for ideas to get around her, especially because she had two bazookas attached to her motorcycle, and she was about to blast them.

 “Time to use the exploding chewing gum, boys.” It was Mario.  It only took him a few seconds to rummage around in his suitcase before he found it.  “While we’re getting this ready somebody else will have to hold her off!” it was Francois who had the idea that suddenly came to him.

“The armadillos!” he said.  Guffy, the leader of the armadillo band nodded his understanding.  Francois jumped onto one of the seats and opened the emergency exit in the top of the bus.

Guffy, followed by his gang, went through it single file until they all were on top of the roof.  Then they all slid down, covering the whole front part of the bus, forming an invincible shield against the bullets.

“Ha! you think a few armacutles can stop my bazookas?” with that she began pulling the triggers, boom! boom! the first two bullets bounced off the armadillos, and came right back at her, “what?!?!” she ducked just in time as the bullets whizzed over her head.

“The gums ready!” Marcesio said.  The two rats each grabbed a wad and prepared to throw,  “5..4..3..2..1” BLAM!!!!!!!!! all you could see of the remaining picture was smoke everywhere, and two black angry rats in the middle of a parking lot, running around frantically, and waving their arms about,  trying to cool off.  “I knew we put too much dynamite in it” Mario said.  But as the smoke cleared they could see a distant figure holding on with both her arms to a high tree branch screaming for help.

A cheer arose from the other two buses, who had seen the whole thing, and were now cheering their companions on.  “Come on! This is our chance to get away! Let’s go!”

“Yes, I agree with martin, let’s go!” said Francois enthusiastically.  They settled down the rats and took off on to the highway.  Now that all the excitement was over, the animals realized how tired they were, and most of them lay down on the benches and fell asleep.  A new day was about to begin, and who knows what might happen.

Martin woke up with a start.  It took him a few seconds to remember where he was, but then he remembered that Francois had taken over the driving, once he saw how tired Martin was.  “Martin, guess what, were a mile away from the airport!” that was Prickles, the porcupine, “we saved some breakfast for you!” Martin opened his eyes to find a bowl of stale cereal stuck in his face,

“I’ll pass.  Where did you find it anyway?” he said,

“Under one of the benches.  Somebody must have left it in here,” Prickles replied.

Martin got up sleepily and walked to the front of the bus,

“Ze road hogs! he pulled in front of me!” screech! Francois still hadn’t quite gotten the hang of driving, and the last few hours had been a rather jerky ride.

 “Francois, let me take over the dri………..”  he was interrupted by Digger, the mole,

“Ay zir, mizz zally be right be ind usins!” this news shocked Francois so much, that he fell forward and landed on the gas pedal,

“Watch out!” Martin yelled, but it was too late.

The bus shot forward, smashing into an old station wagon in front of them.  The old car was sent flying off the bridge, and plummeting to the water below, “Francois, get up!” Francois moved his head up, but it bumped the steering wheel and the bus swerved and smashed into the guardrails.  Luckily, martin was able to grab the steering wheel and turn it before they fell off the bridge, “Quick, we’ll turn off at this exit, that should get rid of Sally!” Mario got out his  iphone 12,

“I stole this from her crazy boy friend.  I’ll call Cornelius and Richard and tell them that we are turning off at the exit.” Francois was now sitting in the back seat rubbing his head, and a little confused what was going on.  Freddy, meanwhile, had been snoring on a bench since they had left the parking lot.

“It worked!” Martin said as he swerved into the exit and Sally

shot past them shaking her fist.  

“Mario, can you look up gps on your phone for me, I want to see if we can get to the airport from here.”

“Sure.  I called the other two buses and their following close behind!” Martin looked at his watch,

“Already 12 o’clock? Man, time flies!”

“Martin, guess what!”


“We’re two minutes from the airport!!!!”

“What?!?!” Martin yelled, “WOOHOO!!!!!!!!”

The three buses pulled into terminal 5.  That was the flight to Jamaica, and that’s where they had decided to go.  They had already planned out how they were going to get in the plane, and now they put their plan into action.

The bus door opened and Richard and John jumped out and made their way to the side of the plane where people were going in, ushered by a flight attendant.

Richard leaped forward, “ROOOOOOOOOOOOOARRR!!!!!!!!!!!!” The flight attendant fainted, and all the people going in started screaming.

Call the police!” one old lady yelled.  Meanwhile, John had gone in the back way and all the sudden appeared in the back seats  roaring and snarling threateningly.  The people in the airplane jumped out of there seats and tried to get out of the plane, while the people outside were frantically trying to get in the plane, not knowing that there was another lion in it.

The people going out, bumped into the people going in, and in the end, it was a large pile of arms legs and heads, all in front of the plane door, but that wasn’t a problem for long. Alfred, the elephant, stepped forward and with his trunk, picked up all the people at once,  and moved the pile to the side while the rest of the animals boarded the plane.

“There they are!” it was miss Sally Tibbs.  She ran into the take off space, followed by two policemen.

 “Get in the plane Alfred!” Martin yelled, as Alfred squeezed through the door and  shut it.   Sally had a grenade in each hand, and now she pulled her arm back and threw one at the plane.  Luckily for the animals, right as she threw,  she slipped on a banana peel that freddy had left on the ground after he had eaten it.

“Ooooooooo! Thump! Missed!” The grenade landed on the ground by the plane and blew up.  At the same time, Martin drove off on to the runway, and they began to pick up speed.  They lifted off into the air.  They were on their way to Jamaica!

“Whatever you do, don’t press the red button.”  Martin was attempting to teach Cheepe Eepe and Reepe how to fly the plane.

 “Eeche beeche leeche?”

“No! Don’t press the red button!”

“Ok! Eche heeche leeche deeche!”

“No! how many times do I have to tell you that you can’t press  the red button! I am going to talk to the others, so you better not press it! Goodbye!”

“Ssssssssss……hello little moussesss….. Ssssilass iss here!”

“Aaa! Eche Peeche Deeche!”

“I……think….I will take….thisss….over!”

“Aaah! Help!” Thump! Smash! Thud!

“Haha… that the door isss locked……I can crash the plane! Ssstinky Martin will pay for leaving me behind!……He doesn’t know that I am here……..hahaha!”

“I’m gonna go check on the triplets.  So it’s decided? We are going to Jamaica? Good! I’ll be right back!” Martin said.

Crash! “The door to the cockpit is locked! Someone took it over! Come and help me get it open!” There was none better fitted to this task than Clumsy, and the minute he heard this, he leaped up from his seat and charged down the aisle towards the cockpit,

“Watch out Martin! I’ll smash it!” Although he would have easily busted it open, it just so happened that the plane lurched horribly and poor Clumsy went flying up, and smashed into the ceiling.

 “Let me look through this window to see who it is!” Martin said, “ it’s really fogged up, but I Think that’s……it couldn’t be!..No…wait…it is! Its Silas! I didn’t know he was with us!”

“We are going down, Martin!” Francois yelled.

“I know! Silas is crashing us!”  Boom! Crash! “Get on the parachutes and jump!”




Martin woke up to sound of birds chirping.  “I must be in heaven…”

“No Martin. You’re in england.”

Martin leaped up and opened his eyes.  He found himself in a large room filled with pictures and decorations.  He was sitting in a soft feather bed, “Dad!”



You are probably wondering what happened to miss Sally Tibbs.  I can tell you now.  After she threw a grenade in the airport, the policemen arrested her and she spent the rest of her life shoveling up horse manure.  As for Martin and his dad, they lived happily together in the mansion that his dad bought.  (The animals joined them as well).  In this short scene I am going to show you, you will fairly realize how happy the animals are.

“Mmmmmm…. these Margaritas are good!”

“They sure are, Francois!”

“You know, Prickles, I think I am going to have an alcohol store someday!”

“Ninety nine bottles of beer on the wall!”

“Oh no. Curly’s  gotten into the beer again!”

“ You know, I think I’ve changed my mind about the  alcohol store!”

“Good idea! Curly would be your all time customer!”





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