By December 14, 2015

Three penguins hobbled towards Sally’s house in the center of the zoo. As they approached it, they stopped, looking this way and that. Chili placed a small metal object on the wall. It was a bug used for recording.

“Hope this works.”said Chili ” This bug better not be a dud.”‘ You can’t trust those rats” said Taco. “They crouched as a tall lady followed by two men in cloaks turned the corner of the house.”Now then I’m determined  to do away with these animals once and for all.” Said sally. “Yes but I hope you’ll be paying handsomely Mrs. Tibbs.”

“Oh yes” she said as she let fly an evil laugh. Aswallpapers-of-bugatti-veyron-bRzw they came closer, the three penguins dashed away. “I thought we where going to Chipotle,” said Burrito. “Of course not, you son of a Mexican penguin.” I am Mexican said Burrito. “Oh, come on Burrito… Burrito?” “Over here, Chili,” said a distant voice. When they found him he was in the alley next to a red Bugatti with the rats.
“Souped up and by golly…I think everything!” Burrito said . “Lets take’er for A-spin. “OK.”said all the rest. They drove off. After a while, Taco exclaimed, “the engine is making too much noise; Sally’s in her motorcycle with her helpers in their car behind her!” “They’re gaining on us!” “Bail,” said Chili; they all got out. “You two hold them off for a bit. I’m a good driver,” said Burrito. They watched helplessly as he swerved into a brick wall and they winced as they heard the sound of air bags.  They went back to fighting. Meanwhile, Burrito was trying to figure out with the rats when he could get a new car. “Two weeks,” said Marchiseo. “All right, I’ll go help the others,” Burrito said as he stepped out of the wreck. A tranquilizer dart ricocheted off the wall behind him. The police were dealing with Chili and Taco, but Sally was apparently dealing with him. “That all you got?” said Burrito, pulling out a pink bazooka. “You don’t want me to show you old Betsy’s dark side,” he quipped, firing it into the air. “O.K!” said the freaked-out Sally. “Let’s go,” she said, as the police jumped into the car with her. “Chickens!”, spluttered Burrito. “But at least I put down oil slick…”. “AAAaaaaaaaah! Bugabugaaaaaaaah!”, screamed Sally and the police, who had just found the oil slick the oil slick, and had crashed into Sally’s house–making direct contact with the computer room, and subsequently causing all of the doors to the animal cages to open!



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