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Kuragawa the Sun Gazer

By January 10, 2016

Kuragawa loved to gaze at the sun. He would sit in the English fields near the castles. One day, he was happily sitting in the fields when he saw a group of townspeople come up to them. A man stepped up and started to speak. He said, “ We need you to help us! The water tribe has destroyed our crops. We need your help to lead us into war against our enemies!”

Immediately Kuragawa set about going around the town gathering as many men as possible but leaving enough men at the town to defend it and as reinforcements. He led the men to an open field where he set up a training camp. He had trainers to help him train the men in hand-to-hand combat and with weapons which included catapults, slings, knives, swords, and shields. He also taught them offensive and defensive fighting positions.

After training all of the men, he organized them into companies and then into divisions. He appointed captains and generals as heads of their companies and divisions. Then he combined all the divisions into two big armies. Kuragawa started to think of a strategy to defeat the water tribe. He told his men to start preparing for the coming attack.

Kuragawa called all his generals together for a special meeting. He told them of his strategy. He said,  “We must strike the water tribe and their leader, Watawangus, before they strike us unprepared. We can draw them to the Orno’s Groves, where we can first take away their ability to fight with water. There we can get the advantage by driving them back with fire. After all, our tribe is known for its abilities with fire. Once they are in the groves, we can light it up with fire and push them back.” All the generals thought that this was the best plan, including Kuragawa.

Kuragawa began to put his plan into action. He sent one division to draw the army of the water tribe into the groves. Once that division had retreated out of the groves where the rest of Kuragawa’s army stood, the soldiers, all with torches, lit the groves on fire. Watawangus recognized what was happening and immediately ordered his army to retreat. But the groves caught on fire faster than Watawangus’ army could retreat. As a result, three quarters of his army were destroyed. Kuragawa then told his men to stop torching the groves. His army waited until all the groves were extinguished. Then Kuragawa’s army advanced and quickly took over the land of the water tribe. After taking them over, he demanded that they compensate them. That was the only way that the fire tribe would leave. Kuragawa and his tribe finally got the justice they had wanted.


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