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Lightning’s Adventure

By November 19, 2015

There was not a sound in the dark alley as Lightning approached the hidden door. He had been hunting for Shadow for many days and finally found his hideout. Lightning muttered to himself, “I wonder what I should do?”… “Maybe I could climb the house and get in through the attic?” “No, that would take too long.” He sat for a moment then suddenly jumped up, “I got it! I’ll disguise myself as a postman, and I’ll deliver a package when one’s ready for Shadow’s house.”

He ran off into the darkness overjoyed. “Well tomorrow I will get the job.”

As he neared his house a piercing shriek let out in the dead of the night. He rushed to the telephone booth and dialed 911. “Hello, hello, police this is Lightning remember me, yes that’s me. Okay, I just heard roughly a minute ago a horrifying scream. It was scary. It sounded as if it came from the park.”

“Well, ok, if you did hear a scream then go to the park and investigate. We’ll get there as soon as possible.” Spoke the officer. “Wait, are you still there Lightning?”

“Yes I’m still here.”

“Good remember to lock your doors after the investigation.”

“ Thanks officer.” Replied Lightning.

Lightning hung up the phone and darted through the blackness to the park. As Lightning was approaching the unlit grove he stopped in his tracks. He knew he heard something. There it was again. “Footsteps.” He told himself.

Then he saw something move. He couldn’t make out the shape but knew there was someone there.  He called out, “ who’s there, who are you?”

Then Lightning barely made out the shape. It was a figure of some sort. Then he knew it was person. “I warned you. Who’s there, anybody there.?” Asked Lightning.

He thought there was no one there so he walked back to his apartment. The next morning he woke up. “Ah, That was a nice sleep.” Suddenly he remembered. “I have a tough and dangerous day today.” He quickly dressed and ran to the post office. “Is there any packages going to Mr. Robert.” He said.

“Yes there is. You’re lucky because there is only one left.” Answered the postman.

Mr. Robert was Shadow’s disguise name. Although Lightning knew his real name. Lightning went over to the nearby costume store and bought a postman suit. He walked back to his house and tried the costume on. It fit. He said, “well, this is going to be great. I wonder if it will fool Shadow.”

He waited till dark. Then when it was dark enough he crept out of the apartment and sneaked up into the yard of Shadow. He couldn’t find the door but finally found it concealed under some vines. Suddenly he heard a creak and saw the back door open. “O no where shall I hide.” Said Lightning.

Shadow came out the back door and went around the house to where Lightning was hiding. “I heard something. What was that.” Shadow said.

Lightning held his breath for over twenty seconds! Finally Shadow walked back inside.

“Phew! That was close. I thought I was done for,” gasped Lightning

He rushed to the door and knocked.

“Who is it?” Answered Shadow.

“It’s the postman,” replied Lightning in a deep voice.

Shadow turned invisible and said, “come in.”

Lightning said, “Hello, anybody home? I have a delivery for Mr. Robert.”

Shadow turned visible and spoke, “So, you’re the postman. You can put the package on the table and then leave.” Lightning put the package on the table and turned to the door when he twirled around threw off his disguise and rushed at Shadow. Shadow was astonished at the disguise and couldn’t move until he realized that he had been tricked. He flew into a temper and struggled to get free from Lightning. When he was free for a second he disappeared and attacked Lightning from the back. Lightning not knowing fell down with Shadow on his back. Shadow had a knife concealed under his belt and pulled it out and stabbed Lighting in the arm. Lightning screamed out in pain, and threw a lightning bolt at Shadow. Shadow was thrown back by the force of the bolt and landed at the corner of the room unconscious. Lightning ripped the knife out and ran out the door to the hospital. As he was running he became exhausted and fell down beside the road asleep.

This is the incredible Lightning!


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