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Paquataq the Destroyer

By January 13, 2016

Paquataq the destroyer stared at Conochet as signed the peace treaty with the New Salem colonists. Paquataq didn’t want peace with them, he wanted war, and it was the same for Uncasamu the medicine man. The reason they didn’t want peace was because when they were little, the New Salemites had a raid and killed both their families.

The Mohegansetts parted on either side as Paquataq walked slowly up to Conochet. He stopped in front of him and said, “Let us meet at the briar woods at sundown. Conochet’s eyes widened. He scoffed and said, “I’d be obliged.” Canochet was there at sundown, but where was Paquataq? Canochet was leaning on a briar wood, whistling, when suddenly Paquataq jumped out from behind him. As Paquataq’s sword went deeper and deeper into Canochet’s chest, Paquataq yelled, “You signed a peace treaty with the tribe that killed my family, so now I will kill you.” As Canochet breathed his last breath, his mouth opened like he was trying to say something, and then fell to the ground dead. He couldn’t decide what he wanted to do, should he stay there and hide the body? Or should he go into camp. His mind was racing. He couldn’t decide, but then he remembered Uncasamu’s words, to be brave and to face danger, even if it meant death. On the way, he saw Increase Winthrop coming out of his cabin.  They didn’t say anything to each other, the just nodded.

lives out of town. Paquataq walked into camp with a bag dangling from his hand. As he walked the children gathered, one by one. One little girl ran and told her Dad that Paquataq was back. It was Wakentu, father of Canochet. More and more people gathered as he walked slowly up to Wakentu.  Wakentu glared at him as Paquataq lifted something round and moist out of the bag. Everything fell silent.  It was the head of Canochet. Wakentu’s face went limp, and then full of anger as he yelled, “Burn him!”

The guards came running. One got each arm and dragged him to the spit.  They were about to tie him up and then suddenly, they all fell to the ground. The only people still standing were Uncasamu and Paquataq. They grinned at each other, then turned and silently disappeared into the forest.


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