Rebuilding of the Orno grove

By January 13, 2016

Tree-ro the pupil of Mitsui was walking through the wet, soggy, and dark Orno grove when he smelled a stench in the air.  He ran to it and found burning trees falling down on shrubs which then burst into flames.  He then heard a crack and turned to find a fiery tree falling on him.  Then Mitsui pushed him out of the way of the fiery branches of death.

  “Mitsui thanks for the rescue.”

“You are welcome Tree-ro, but I don’t know how the Orno grove caught on fire.”

“Neither do I.  Maybe someone cooking left their fire going?”  

“Maybe, but we have to put it out!”

We tried to put the fire out but it kept growing.  After we called in help, we finally put the fire out, but the Orno grove was burned down completely.  There was a meeting held where the fire had started and after examination, it was found that the fire had been deliberately started by someone!  So the council decided to appoint Mitsui and I to find the Living Root Sphere so we could regrow the Orno grove.  They appointed Leafro and Winnipo to see if they could find who started the fire.

We walked for a half an hour following Mitsui’s map to find the Living Root Sphere.  We found a small lake which had a rocky island in the center.  We found enough wood to build a small raft.  We then traveled to the island and found that the island was very rocky.  While climbing around the island, we found a tree that had fallen down.  After we found the tree, we checked the map and it said that the Living Root Sphere should be here.  We tried pushing the tree out of the way to see if the Sphere was behind the tree,  but it wasn’t.  So we decided to rest by the nearby rocks.  As I sat on my rocks, I leaned against one of the branches of the tree.  I heard a click and then a door slowly opened.  

Mitsui said, “You did it!” as the door slowly opened. We traveled inside.  The passage was dark.  The only light we had was from the opening at the top.  Once we descended the dark passage, we scanned the surroundings to  see if we could find the Sphere.  When we were about to give up hope, we finally found it.  We carefully carried the Sphere up the dark passage and onto the raft.  We quickly sailed back to the mainland.  We brought the Sphere into the center of Orno grove and set it down.  It quickly sprung roots into the ground and the trees started growing all around it.  When we went to leave, we saw Leafro and Winnipo and asked them how the search was coming.  

They said, “We have found that the fire was started by lighting a match and throwing it into dried brush.  We know how the fire was started, but we don’t know who started the fire.”

Mitsui said, “I’ll use my powers to see if any of the animals have seen anything.”

She used her powers on a nearby bird and was able to see that Badgen was the person who started the fire.  We went to where Badgen was training and surrounded him.  

We said, “We know you burned down the forest, but why?”  

He said, “Because the bird people told me to.”  

As he spoke, he shot a blast of wind at Tree-ro, knocking him over.  Then he ran at him, jumped over and continued on.  We all chased after him.  He was almost to the edge of the forest where we could see a boat waiting in the river.  Leafro jumped on Badgen and tackled him.  We brought him back to the center of the forest where the master was waiting.  

He said, “Badgen, for your punishment, you will be banished from the group.”  From that point on, everything was safe.  


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