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Space Adventure

By December 4, 2015

( In a ship )

Gaza was talking to Na. “ I have made the flying fish brain sweeper,” said Gaza. Na said, “ why do you fatso have to talk to so much? Let me say my plan. Gaza you need to get them lost in the mine.” Gaza says, “ who do you mean by….” “Shut up, Oh yes Captain Talons and his crew.” said Na.

( They landed. At that moment the captain was expecting this. He knew that they were going to try and get them lost in the mine. But it was too late.)

“I heard you were going in to the mine,” said Gaza.(NA went into the mine) “ Yes,” said the captain. “I can be your guide. I know the mine like the back of my hand,” said Gaza. “How much do you even know the back of your green slimy big hand ,” said the captain. “ None, but I know the mine,” said Gaza. “ Let’s get some sleep,” said the captain.

(That night the captain told his plan and that next morning they all set out into the mine except NA who was busy eating chips. Through he trap door you could see him eating, more like gulping the chips down.)



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