By December 2, 2015

The Clock of Time

by Jude Barton

The hours tick by from the clock of time.

not a tree leave flutters,

not a church bell chimes.

The earth is silent all life is gone.

But the clock of time still ticks on.

You can hear it ticking from morn till night.

and the world is filled with a pale blue light.

there is no sun set and no sun rise

but the clock still ticks by and by.

You can watch the hands

from one to twelve.

Not a Gnome or Goblin

Dwarf or Elve.

And there is something missing-

like an undone chore.

And the clock will tick for ever more.

Dr. Creep

Author Dr. Creep

Dr.Creep writes for the "Museum of Natural Creepery." When he is not writing, he spends his time swimming with sharks and crocodiles; drinking margaritas; sky-diving off the Sears Tower; and hunting ducks and aardvarks in the Serengeti

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