The Duel at Kishina

By January 10, 2016

As Lin-wa walked toward Rin-po’s forge at the edge of the forest, the setting sun glinted off his copper colored skin and fair hair. He was the champion of the House of Wind, the Breath of Many Tongues.

He was going to look over the making of Rin-po’s flying armor. The House of Wind was currently at war with the Ornos’, man-sized bird-like people. Both sides had lost extreme amounts of soldiers, but now the leaders had decided to allow their champions to have a duel. The duel would determine who won the war, and who surrendered. The date and time for the duel was the fifth day of the week at noon. Both sides thought their champion was better, and only a fight could determine who really was.

The Ornos were tricky beasts, always finding ways to cheat or twist rules. Their king, Steef’Ven, had already found a way to cheat. He had five of his best assassins training with blowguns, which were disguised as staffs. Each was to shoot to kill if Lin-wa won the duel. The treacherous king laughed to himself. Yes he would win the war, with or without his champion.

On the day of the duel, as Lin-wa was practicing, Rin-po presented him with his new and improved flying armor. It was extraordinary! Lin-wa tried it on right away and suddenly he was flying.

He noticed that the helmet allowed him to see as though he had the eyes of an eagle. When he was settled back on the ground, Lin-wa noticed his trainer, Win-lo was waiting for him.  It was time for the duel!

Lair’ee, the Orno’s champion, was already at the Four Corners Arena, at the top of  Mount Kishina. Also, both Steef’Ven and Sensei Woo, Lin-wa’s master, were there. The stands were completely full (which wasn’t very surprising since the arena only held two-hundred people.)

Everybody was eating ice cream and candy bars. Lair’ee was waiting on the dirt floor of the arena when Lin-wa flew down with his amazing armor.  Lair’ee’s smirk vanished when he saw the armor- he had hoped it would be an easy win but he saw he would have to put in more effort.

In the grandstand, Steef’Ven had his eyes on his assassins, each wore a cloak and carried a “staff”.  They scattered around the stadium ready for their command.  One of Steef’Ven’s most loyal followers was seated at the very top of the stadium, a small red flag hidden under his dock.  He frowned. All of a sudden he realized there was a man behind each of his assassins, each in a blue cloak.  “It’s probably just a coincidence,”he thought to himself.

The judge dropped the flag and the fight had begun!  The two warriors met at the center of the arena, with a devastating crack, both shields broke in half.  The warriors drew their swords and came at each other again. When Lair’ee’s sword started to rise, Lin-wa flipped and landed on the other side of him.  He thrust forward but the other warrior had turned around with amazing speed and blocked the thrust.

Then with an overhead cut he slashed Lin-wa across the chest.  Instantly Lin-wa fell, and by falling, saved his life for Lair’ee had thrust again.  Instead of hitting him in the heart he only managed to glance a blow against his head.  Off balance, Lair’ee suddenly felt a searing pain and then, nothing as everything went dark.  Lin-wa stood up then fell down and crawling took the knife he had thrown from the dead warrior.  Then he fell.  The blow from Lair’ee had been fatal.  The crowd was shocked and all that was heard was the twittering from the birds through the open ceiling.

Steef’Ven smiled and directed his sight to where Sensei was sitting.  Suddenly his smile vanished as a knife appeared under his neck.  Then he saw each of the men in the blue cloaks also had a knife at the throat of each of his assassins.  His plan was destroyed.

The next day both warriors were buried.  The assassins and King Steef’Ven were executed.  Afterwards, a treaty was made and from that point both sides were united.


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