The Great Smash Escape

By February 3, 2016

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We need to smash our way out,” said Clumsy the Rhino. “We’ve heard that before,”said the Owl. “No it’s to risky,”said Too Tall the giraffe. “No, I’ve got a plan,” said Madge the Falcon.

In the dead of the night the Rhino was stretching.Too Tall in the cage next to him had already knocked down the security cameras in his cage and in Clumsy’s.

“Why are you stretching,” asked Too Tall the giraffe. “ It helps me get ready,” said Clumsy. “Okay, here I go.” With a roar that shook the earth Clumsy charged. CCCRRRAAASSSHHH “ Ugh, I don’t think I can do too many of these,” Clumsy grumbled. Too Tall said, “ get the elephant and Rascal the raccoon out and rest up for the gate.” “ Good idea Too Tall,” said Clumsy. For the next half of an hour the zoo was filled with bangs, crashes, and thuds.

In the camera room, the camera guard was wondering why the cameras were all black. He decided all the night vision parts were broken on all of them. Then he heard a series of crashes, booms, bangs, and thuds and he realized he ran out of Doritos. All of a sudden he saw a mouse scurrying across the floor with his Doritos. When he saw the mouse he also saw the monkey playing on top of his cage.

As quickly as he could, he pulled out his iPhones. He had sixteen of them. After a span of about ten minutes he decided to use his iPhone 12. “Boy,” he said. “ Those blazer rats sure charge high prices.” As he dialed up Sally his iPhone 16 buzzed. He looked on it and saw that the new iPhone 17 was ready. “It has everything on it,” he exclaimed. “ Xbox, TV, DVD, PANDORA, VCR, email, text, phone, safari, stocks, Amazon, and Chips Gourmet! “ I’m buying one right now but first I need to call Sally.”

Sally answered the phone, “the animals are lose and on your way here pick me up the new iPhone 17 and a 25 pack of extra large Doritos.” And with that he hung up the phone.

When Sally arrived the camera guard held out his hand expectantly, “Where are my Doritos and my iPhone?” he demanded. “Shut up about your Doritos and did you know that the Apple is only on the iPhone 7t?” said Sally.“But those blazer rats,” said the camera guard.“The what did what?” Sally said uncomprehendingly. “And what is this clanging in the back ground , Heavy Metal?” “No, the animals got out of the…..” said the camera guard.“The animals did what?”Sally hollered. “They got out of their cages.” “Why did you not tell me this before you idiot.” “Sorry, sorry he said. “I don’t have time for excuses,” Sally practically shouted. And with that she whirled out of the camera room.

Clumsy had successfully gotten Rascal and the elephant out of their cages. Rascal picked the locks and the elephant pulled down the cages with his trunk. “That’s the last them.” Rascal said to Martin and he said, “Ok, go and get Clumsy and do it snappy. I’m concerned that our crashing will have woken some people up.” “Boy,” said Rascal, “I’m glad eagles can carry kids.I mean teenagers,” said Rascal hastily as Martin shot him a glare.” “ Now get going,” Martin said with a huff.

Martin had a little trouble getting the mouse lemurs out of the cotton candy machine but other than that all the animals left their games as soon as Martin called them. Now all they had to do was wait.
Sally could not wait. The animals would have to come through the gate because it was the only part of the wall that was not aluminum and then swit swit swit her tranquilizer guns would mow down the animals.

“Wake up Clumsy, wake up,” Rascal said. Clumsy woke up with a startle. “Can you still get us out,” asked Rascal nervously. “ Do you think I can’t?” roared Clumsy sarcastically.

The animals were suddenly quiet as Clumsy approached. With a sudden roar Clumsy charged. With an incredible smash the air was full of flying splinters. Clumsy had smashed the gate to smithereens and he kept going.The happy animals poured through the gate right into Sally’s shower of tranquilizer darts.
The eagle had the presence of mind to scoop up Martin and fly him to his room window and then fly right back into the shower of darts.

The show was over and Sally had tranquilized all of the animals in the zoo. Naturally the reporters found out and the story made the national headlines.

Martin watched from his window helpless as Sally mowed down the animals. But even as he watched a new plan was forming in his mind but he needed a car.


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