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The Journey

By December 1, 2016

The wind in the sail was the only thing that could be heard on that cold night of December as the four children raced on through the fog. It had been two days since they left home in search of there mother and there supplies  were running low. All they had left was a crust of bread, one apple, a few dried figs, and half a  jug of fresh water but they went on. It was about nine o’clock when the fog thickened. A drowsy air fell upon the children the last thing they saw was a glimpse of a scaly body enclose them there sight was lost. all was lost…


Jimmy woke up to the sound of hissing, as he looked around he saw Alex and Andrew lying sprawled out on the stone floor of a cave. Christopher he shouted but it was no use his cry was drowned by the sharp shrill shriek of a an eagle from above.  Out of nowhere came three ghastly big snakes they each took one child where was Christopher.  the snakes took the children into a long black tunnel out of sight of the eagle. On and on and on they went never stopping never looking back.  Jimmy looked at his watch it was six thirty two am but it felt to him like one in the morning.  Our’s passed before he saw a dull yellow light up ahead.  The tunnel opened up into a big room with the dying embers of a fire in the middle of it.  Surrounding it was a army of snakes devouring what was left of Christopher’s body. A snake smaller than the rest slithered up with a big bowl of green glop and forced them to eat it.  Suddenly Jimmy realized what was happening he was being fattened up for eating.  Three times that day they were forced to eat the same green glop.  Jimmy was very tired and dozed off to sleep. When he awoke he found that Alex and Andrew were gone and that the snakes were asleep.  Now was his chance to escape.  He got up looked around and ran but he tripped on a stick and fell.  When he got up he saw that the snakes were awake and after him.  He ran down the tunnel as fast as his legs would carry him.  he ran hour after hour with his fear urging him forward. He could see the light at the other end of the tunnel suddenly the light went out.  He was trapped with snakes on both sides of him there was only one thing he could do.  Feel the walls for any side tunnels.  Suddenly his hand touched something hard and cold it was a sword.  As he picked it up it sent through him a wave of courage he ran towards the snakes with his sword brandished crying CHARGE then right as he was about to strike the first snake a black arrow  sunk itself deep into the snakes chest it fell dead as did many more after it.

Oliver Schuchardt

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