The Ladder Attempt

By December 14, 2015

Martin woke up in the dead of the night to the sound of whispering.

“Shhh. We don’t want to scare him,” said a voice outside.

“Whh..who is outside?” said Martin in a tired voice.

“It’s me. Hairy the Rat. I have come with the animals who were trying to escape.”

“What? At this time of night?” said Martin, astonished.  “How did you get out?”

“It was the raccoon.  He was the one who did it,” said someone in the group excitedly.

“Alright. Let me change out of my PJ”s, ” he said, hurriedly changing his clothes.

Martin was very excited.  He felt like he was on a mission to do something secret.

They all gathered in front of the Rhino’s cage, and started making plans for another escape.

But just as they started to talk, the Rhino interrupted and said, “I say we smash the wall down!”

“No, no, no!” said the fox.  “We have to be sly about it. ”

“I still say we smash it,” said the Rhino.

“I say we dig a tunnel under the fence,” said the Badger. But an elephant can’t fit in a badger hole.

“I say we smash it,” said the Rhino a third time.

“Well, we could fly over the fence,” said the sparrows, but of course not all of the animals could fly.

“I say we smash it,”  said the Rhino for the fourth time.

“Will you just shut up! I’m trying to think!” said the owl, very annoyed.

“I think we should pick the lock to the gate,” said the Raccoon, but the gate lock was a very strong lock.

“I think we smash it,” said, well you know who by now.

At this, the owl lost it and flew to his cage to think.

Everyone was silent. They heard something. What it was they did not know so they kept talking, but what it really was they didn’t expect. It was her. Miss Sally Tibs.

A few hours later the owl came back with an idea. The owl was very excited, and he said, “Let’s build a ladder out of one of our cages.”

At that, they all agreed, and started to work.

“But what about us?” said both the Rhino and the Elephant.

“You guys can do what you want once we are over the wall,” said Martin.

A few hours later, they were finished, but while they were celebrating what they had done, Sally was working on failing their mission.

“Alright, Alfred, are you any good at making knots?”said Sally.

“In fact, I am,” said Alfred.

“We’re going to make a zipline.

And they did.

“Hey guys, I am going to be flying in a moment. I just got to climb this darn fence,” said Freddy as he started to climb.

“You can do this, Freddy! Come on Freddy! You can do this!” said the animals below.

“I’m almost there! I’m at the top. AGGGhhh! There’s a mad woman coming at me. It’s her. It’s SALLY!! What am I going to do? Oh wait. I  will just duck. Wow, that really does work. I should do that more often. (thud)

“Ah hoo hooo hoo hooh. Did you guys see that?? She is so dumb. She just rammed into a tree for no reason. AH nooo. (Thud) That did not feel good.

“Ha. That will teach you to make fun of my gir….(thmp) ouch!”



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