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A Mysterious Visitor By Jack O.

By March 31, 2020

July 20 1892
I had been working till midnight on a new toy idea I had had, a gun that sends out a small electrical charge at a limited distance of 200 feet when I heard the knock on the door. wondering what kind of person called this late at night I picked up the shotgun I always had hanging on the wall and opened the door a crack. A tall man was standing on the doorstep whose identity I couldn’t tel because of the shadow his wide brimmed hat cast over his face. “George Tinker” He said in a low gravely voice ” we have need of your assistance”.

My storyline takes place in Chicago: A young toy-maker/inventor is one day called to not just make toys but tools of war too by a mysterious personage who appears on his doorstep in the middle of the night.

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