Alone Now by Finn R.

By April 2, 2020

April 15 1817
First of all if you are reading this (for some reason) I will let you know that this journal is not for my own good. Or to express feelings. I am simply writing this for my father’s sake. He asked me to.. before he died. That is before the whole city died, from some plague or something… or at least that is what I expect. And yes, if you are wondering… yes I am the only human being left in the city of Holfer. Everyone else is dead. The reason I happen to be alive is this; My father (my mother died three years ago) told me that he was going on a trip. He did not tell me where or why. So he said that he would be sending me to stay with Aunt Jonag. I hate Aunt Jonag. She is a wiry, bad smelling, hook nosed woman. After living with her a week I could not stand being her slave any longer. I ran away. She did not look for me, she never cared for anyway. I doubt she has cared for anyone before. It took me three days to get home. I had not brought any of my many hangliders that I had made. There was an eery feeling when I entered the city. And I instantly drew my wolf knife (a present my father had given me some years back) The eery feeling came from the fact that everyone was dead. There were no corpses. In our makeshift apartment I found a letter from my father. it said “Dear son, if I do not come back, keep a log of events. And… do not forget the bell.” That and a small box that contained a pile of money was all there was. I assume by “do not forget the bell” he means this; our family since the beggining of the city Holfer has rung the steeple bell. I don’t know why. It’s just that way. And so, ever since I came home two days ago I have done both. The only other things I have done are, move on to the roof of our apartment building. I love fresh air. And so this morning for the first time, I climbed the tower and rung the bell.

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