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By April 2, 2020

Journal Entry 1:

April 22 1886
I finished catching the Laskabee Brothers, tracking them down deep into an alley. Received a couple of greenbacks and gold certificate for the job. The whole city was especially quit today except for a few fights here and there. It was if there was a certain suspense for an event to happen like the day when a gas leaked from a unknown outlet in the city which enlarged certain animals. Speaking of those animals I saw a couple scurry by when I was in. the outskirts of the city. Something was definitely amiss when I caught thew Laskabee boys. I’ll wait and see. Probably head over to Juckles to find a new assignment. Bought some more ammo at Cark’s shop. Hope the weather gets better since it rained today. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

Character: Bounty Hunter
some cyborg animals

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