The Berlin War by Payton S.

By April 2, 2020

August 19, 1943
The Berlin War, the civil war between High Berlin and Lower Berlin, has claimed millions of lives over the last 4 years. Berlin is a “tiered” city, the richer half of the city is among the clouds while the poor are underground. The war started as a small rebellion made of the oppressed Berlinians living in the lowest tiers. They protested against Germany’s leader King Heinrich the “Divine”, but within weeks, it got out of control. He declared war on the lowest tiers of Berlin which unified the poor under a single leader, a zealot who goes by the alias of Fuhrer Plague of the Chasm (Lower Berlin). Chasm is winning the civil war. The world knows that Fuhrer Plague plans on conquering Europe with High Berlin’s weapons, to spread his insane vision of a just society… The execution of all with money or power.

Meanwhile, Dr. Hugh Collins happened upon an abandoned automaton bird while walking home in London. Moved with pity, he pieces it back together only to find that it was carrying a message from a Chasm spy. The message carried the plans for the assassination of King Heinrich the “Divine” of High Berlin, who is the last defense against the Chasm Horde. Before Hugh can stop the bird, it flies out the window carrying the message to its destination. Mortified that he accidentally aided in an assassination attempt of Britain’s ally, he journeys to Berlin, a war zone, to do everything he can to fix his mistake.

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