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The Extraordinary Escape of Jason Burns by Liam J.

By April 3, 2020

The Journal of Jason Burns
June 12, 1880
I have been traveling through the dark city for hours, searching for any sign of Jack Welker, the man I am being payed to kill. I was stealthily walking up an alleyway when a mysterious man confronted me. I could not tell his identity, for a large hat covered most of his face. There was no sound for several minutes until he said. “I’ve heard you have been looking for me, Burns.” I leapt into action assuming this is Jack Welker. I punched him and stabbed him with my pocket knife until another man came from behind me, hitting me brutally with the butt of his pistol. Now I am locked in a dark room of an apartment wondering what will happen to me next.

My story takes place in steampunk New York City: A young assassin named Jason Burns is kidnapped while on a mission by a man who will force him to work for his horrifying cause, or die.

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