War. By Conor H.

By April 3, 2020

Today is the day. I’ve been preparing for my entire life, I have been raised from a young age in anticipation of this day. This is the day we go to war.

The factories have been working to build as many mechs as possible before this day came. We managed to make four. We have begun grabbing peasants off the streets to fight for us, we have been arming them with as many weapons we can find. Some of them will fight with sticks, some with guns, some with swords, some with knives, but they will all be armed in some way.

All other tribes will be destroyed, we will reign supreme like we used to, my father will be proud.

50 years ago, the world went to war. Everyone fought for their lives. Most died, but some survived. That war is in the past now, and this new society is the result. The world has split into tribes, anyone who tried to fight for their freedom was forced into submission. Or murdered. Everyone was left to hunt and gather for themselves, recruiting simple farmers to their causes, farming for resources, materials, anything to build their empires upon. They also built weapons, many weapons.

Now the tribes are at war, and I have been placed in charge of this great army. Today is the day we march. Today is the day the other tribes fall. Today is the day I make my father proud. Today is the day I claim victory.

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