There are a lot of different types of monkeys and gorillas combined together. The spider monkey eats fruit, leaves, flowers, nuts, and seeds. A spider monkey can even hang on a branch with its hands and grab food with his tail.

Orangutans have light orange or yellow hair. They could even turn leaves into an umbrella and use sticks to get honey. Orangutans eat fruit, leaves, flowers, honey, bark, insects, and even clay.

Baby gorillas play by doing somersaults, climbing trees and sliding down hills on their stomachs. Gorillas may charge and throw rocks at their enemies.

Chimpanzees can make lots of noises. They may whine, cry, squeal, scream, grunt, and bark. Chimpanzees may say a call called a pant hoot.
When you are at the zoo, you might want to look at the monkeys.

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