A Week of High Adventure

By October 16, 2019

Last week was a grand adventure. We put the finishing touches on our world-building and Redwall projects, with the boys creating some amazing artwork and stories. The highlight of the week was our very first live-action role-play adventure, which had the boys literally stepping into a different world, full of colorful characters and dark creatures. The boy had to travel through the wild outdoors in a high energy race against time to discover three clues to the location of the fabled time crystal. There were many lighthearted and parlous moments along the way.

Looking ahead to the next few weeks, we will shift our focus to telling great stories on stage. This week, we begin our evening theater, with each group of boys retelling a classic Sherlock Holmes mystery. We are also drawing ever closer to the start of our winter play, It’s a Wonderful Life. This is a heartwarming story about a man who comes to realize how much positive impact he has had on those around him. It provides many wonderful acting opportunities for boys and girls of all ages. Rehearsals start soon!

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